As an individual with an enquiring mind and inquisitive nature, I am extremely interested in the ever-changing methods that brands and organisations use to communicate and create in order to succeed in a Digital Age. I explore this passion through the lens of studying Public Relations / Communications at RMIT University Melbourne.

I have interned at We Are Eden, a creative hub helping brands flourish with a proven track record of driving business growth and awareness across all media platforms through strategic partnerships, unrivalled marketing initiatives and clever storytelling. A keen writer with a love for lifestyle and fashion, I am also an author at popular Sydney and Melbourne e-magazine, Eat, Drink, Play.

Possessing excellent written communication skills and a thoroughly creative mind, I create and curate content for a wide range of organisations such as Mornington Peninsula Skin Check, IZZI Swim, Wolf Kanat and Study Anywhere. No idea is too ambitious in my world, and I love translating nebulous ideas into amazing and unique visual and written content.

With a smorgasbord of skills in my toolkit – whether it’s press release creation, SEO integration, blog writing or social media management – the possibilities of creating wholly unique and memorable content, are truly endless.


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