Byron Blitz and Aperol Spritz

Another day, another dollar (removed from my bank account due to the amount of holidays I have been on recently).

Fleeing the sweltering heat of Melbourne to the sweltering heat of Byron, my boyfriend and I spent our days lathered in SPF 50+ and cooking on the many beautiful beaches Byron has to offer.

The iconic Rae’s on Wategos


We stayed in the salt suite of the sickeningly picture perfect and so-my-aesthetic-it-hurts airbnb guesthouse, Bask and Stow. Perfectly located within walking distance to the main street, Clarke’s Beach, and best cafe ever to exist, The Top Shop, our accom was faultless.



The whole appeal of Byron Bay is that you go there to do not much at all, really – and that is exactly what we did.

Myself and my considerably fitter boyfriend completed the deceivingly beautiful Lighthouse walk. Pro tip: distract yourself from the sheer pain of walking seemingly endless steps and crawling up endless, windy hills by staring at the glistening blue ocean and lush rainforest surroundings. You can even use the beautiful views as an excuse to sit down and secretly try to stop inciting a cardiac arrest!!

All jokes aside, if you’re reasonably fit, or like me, confidently stupid, the lighthouse walk is a stunning activity which offers gorgeous look-outs, from the Pass to Wategos Beach to the most Easterly point of Australia, and views of the coast of Byron.


With Clarke’s Beach at our doorstep, we spent most of our days lounging in the sand and trying not to drown in the crashing waves. Many companies offer surf and kayak lessons, so you can at least pretend to fit in amongst the tanned hippie surfers who probably comprise 50% of the town’s population.


The Beach Hotel is a Byron institution, and my boyfriend and I spent time people watching and sipping drinks in the beer garden. Bonus points if you spot a minor, (or major – hello Chris Hemsworth) celebrity, as my boyfriend did with two AFL football players. Had literally never seen him so starstruck.

The Main streets of Byron Bay are filled with lust-worthy boutiques. I spent a considerable amount of time perusing stores such as Ahoy Trader, Spell and Hope and May and mentally buying everything in them


Miss Margarita is the best ever and I want the chefs to permanently reside in my kitchen, please and thank you. Everything on the menu is delicious – special mentions go to the jalapeno poppers, snapper tacos and loaded chipotle chicken nachos. Whelp. I think I’m in love.


The Mez Club is the best for happy hour. $10 Aperol Spritzes, mojitos and Ink Gins – yes please. Soak up the spritzes with entrees of calamari and pita with olive oil and dukkah before gorging on the pita plate board. Get the falafel option. You will not be disappointed.



Hidden down Bay lane and tucked away from the street-front, Il Buco Italian is the no-frills hole in the wall dinner spot serving the most heavenly Italian fare. Anitpasto plates loaded with burrata, olives and prosciutto are a divine precursor to deliciously simple pizza. I am a mozzarella addict, therefore I ordered the Bufala which came dotted with generous circles buffalo mozzarella. My boyfriend is decidedly more adventurous and ordered a Calzone. Pizza, mmmmmmm.


Possibly my favourite cafe ever, Top Shop was literally a two minute walk away from our suite, thus making it a two minute walk away from a smorgasbord of orgasmic food fare, with everything from acai bowls to fried chicken burgers. Even better is their ready to eat range, with yummy healthy salads or rolls to pop in your beach bag.



Byron, I will be back. In the meantime, I will resort to sipping aperols with my eyes closed and mentally teleporting myself back, stat.

Cheers to that.



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