Notes from Noosa

Touted by Vogue as the ‘Hamptons of Australia’s east coast’, Noosa is the place to visit in Queensland for an idyllic sun-drenched getaway, minus the theme parks.

On a day proclaimed one of the rainiest in Melbourne since practically forever, my best friend and I jetted off to chase the sunshine and leave the torrential rain and thunderstorms firmly back in Melbourne.

The smug grins were wiped off our faces rather quickly upon opening the Weather App to find that, lo and behold, it would be raining in Noosa also.

This took me a while to process as I have forever thought of Noosa as a perpetually sunny place inhabited solely by uber tan, uber wealthy people that make you feel slightly ill when looking at their pilates sculpted bikini bodies on the beach.


The trail to Noosa Main Beach

Nevertheless, we were determined to make the most of our five day vacay, and my straw sunhat and SPF 50+ sunscreen remained packed in my suitcase, and raincoat and umbrella shoved in the back of my wardrobe to stay there until it is hovering below 0 C and the raindrops are as big as golf balls.

Arriving to a beautifully balmy evening and surprisingly clear skies, we breathed a collective sigh of relief and thought that maybe, just maybe, that darned Weather App was wrong after all. The following morning was spent brunching on spanner crab omelettes and sipping cold brew before heading beachside.



Cafe Le Monde

In search of minimal crowds and bluer waters, we journeyed to Sunshine Beach, where the water was a pristine blue and the sandy stretch of beach vacant bar a few families and surf life savers. The sea itself proved a theme park ride in its own right, with the surf waves providing rather intense aquatic entertainment for all. Whilst I briefly revelled in the what I can only assume is the feeling of being inside an operating washing machine, I sooner looked more drowned rat than capable open water swimmer and hastily staggered out of the ocean.

Leaving my exceedingly athletically abled friend behind, I spent the next hour making like a lizard and basking in the sunshine.



Sunshine Beach

It was an extremely disappointing following morning waking up to the realisation that a) it was rather miserable looking outside and b) I was sunburnt, quite badly. Curse you, Queensland sunshine. Braving the increasingly dismal looking weather, we headed to the Noosa Farmers Market in the hopes that some fresh tropical fruits could at least mentally transport us to somewhere sunny. Operating every Sunday morning, the Noosa Farmers Market offers a dazzling array of fresh produce, and I spent more money than I care to admit on beautiful cheeses, pastas and fruits.

Lunch was a late one, had at Betty’s Burgers. There’s something about mushrooms on a burger that I can never look pass, and the Shroom Burger that was stuffed with melted Gouda and Gruyére cheese still makes me salivate. A must order.

IMG_1832 2

The cute decor at Betty’s Burgers

Whilst I am more of the ‘sleep in as late as humanly possible’ type of person, my best friend is one of the insane 4am sunrise run types, and she enthusiastically dragged me to the Noosa National Park Walk. Dressed in my finest activewear (read: two years old and potentially my sister’s because my exercise preference is walking from my bedroom to the door to collect my ubereats), I managed to not have an asthma attack, distracting myself by looking at the stunning views offered on this admittedly beautiful walk.



Views at Noosa National Park

The absolute standout dinner was El Capitano. My second favourite food in the world is pizza. I’m as basic as it comes and the humble Margherita is my go-to but the enticing menu and even more enticing friend led me to order the Quattro Formaggi, a terrifyingly calorically delicious four cheese pizza. Preceded by an antipasti of buffalo mozzarella, asparagus and prosciutto and complemented by Aperol Spritzes, our dinner at El Capitano was insanely good.


For beachside dining, we experienced both sides of the price spectrum. The Surf Life Saving Club is a must-go on a sunny day. Sit out on the balcony, order food that arrives a serving as big as your head, and stuff yourself silly while enjoying the view, as we did before those forsaken storm clouds started appearing on the horizon and we rolled ourselves home, fat and happy.

The last day was spent in the shades of palm trees, beachside. The weather decided to be nice to us on the final day and we enjoyed leisurely strolls along Hastings Street, indulging in gelato at Massimo’s, of which my friend has an addiction to (order the passionfruit!) and finally, sitting for the last supper (lunch) at Bistro C. Sitting in a sun-filled room with french windows opening directly on to the beach, my Moules-frites was the perfect meal to end our getaway and a meal I hope to enjoy weekly when I am old, wrinkled and rich, slurping down succulent mussels overlooking the very vista from which they were pulled.

IMG_2308IMG_1905 3IMG_2305IMG_1940

Not even a four hour flight delay could dull my holiday glow (take that, Jetstar), and I am extremely thankful and grateful for my beautiful friend who took me on this wonderful holiday!


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