Faux sure, Baby.

Ooh baby it’s cooooold outside!


FullSizeRender 2

With only 10 days until the start of Spring (but who’s counting, jks me I’m freezing), it seems Melbourne has received the brunt of Wicked Winter as it’s fading out.


FullSizeRender 3

A coat is a necessity for those days where it seems the wind itself could freeze you whole in a single, powerful, gust.


Never one for Trench Coats, and with Duster Coats being too long and too thin to be viable, I reach for my faux fur jacket.


We all know fur is so not cool. Wearing the skin of an animal who lived a life destined to be killed and skinned for a coat just isn’t my thing, so I turned to faux fur.


I am loving emerald green at the moment, and this colour works beautifully with the rest of my winter wardrobe. This coat was a steal at $21 AUD from Ebay. Highly recommend.


I am wearing: denim jeans from Seed, mules from Spurr, Turtleneck from H&M, Coat from Ebay.


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