24 hours in Sydney

I was lucky enough to enjoy a whirlwind weekend in the beautiful Australian state of Sydney last week. Whilst the stay was not long, I managed to jam in as many beautiful Sydneyside experiences as possible.


BREAKFAST: Rocker Bondi Beach

Whilst admittedly suited to lunch than breakfast by the time we arrived, the food fare at Rocker caters deliciously for both. You’d be crazy not to try the Pecorino and Pumpkin macaroni and cheese. Pictured also is the smashed avo and cauliflower strands on sourdough. Simply add egg and bacon for a culinary breakfast delight of the most orgasmic nature. YUM.

DRINKS: Icebergs Bar and Restaraunt

Go simply for the stunning ocean views. Enjoy a glass of rosé at the bar whilst gazing out at the endless ocean vista and imagining your life as a Real Housewife of Sydney. Yes please.


BREAKFAST: Pablo and Rustys

With a cozy, warm interior and heartwarming food to boot, this CBD gem is a rarity in the otherwise vacuous City cafe scene. Try the bacon and truffled egg breakfast roll. Pair with your choice of coffee (of which they are reknowned). Enjoy.

DRINKS: Opera Bar

A Sydney icon. Set under the famous Opera house, go after six to enjoy a drink whilst gazing at the amazing light show VIVID, that is projected around the harbour.


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