Ear candy – Christie Nicolaides Venus earrings

If there’s one thing I majorly love, it’s statement earrings.

My go-to jeweller for exactly that is Christie Nicolaides. After following (and drooling!!!) over her insta for months, I decided to bite the bullet and make my first purchase. Whilst her semi-precious stone covered earrings are gorgeous, I was after a solid gold statement earring piece to pair with a recent Zimmermann purchase (yes, my bank account is as damaged as you can imagine).

I decided to go with the Venus earrings. Hammered brass exemplifies the double drop earrings that frame my face perfectly. I’m in love!

For photos of the earrings on, be sure to check my insta – photos coming soon!!

To buy your very own pair of pretty earrings, as well as crowns, necklaces, bracelets and rings, check out https://christie-nicolaides.myshopify.com/  


One thought on “Ear candy – Christie Nicolaides Venus earrings

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