Hello lovely people,

I have decided to do a makeup giveaway!! Want to win the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow Palette?! Yes, the one that is a CULT FAV, has ahmazzingg pigment and shades, smells bomb and retails at a hefty $49 USD.

It’s too easy to enter and instantly be in the draw to win. All you gotta do is ensure you SUBSCRIBE (not just like the post!) to my blog and Instagram (@astridandace) and that is it! Once I hit 100 followers, one lucky guy or gal will be receiving a very special (free!!) gift in the mail.

Want to know more about the palette? Read about it here and here 

Best of luck to you all and get subscribing!

(P.S – I follow back and if you leave your instagram accs in the comments I would love to follow those too!)


you after winning the too faced palette just for subscribing


12 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! RACE TO 100

  1. Oriana says:

    Subscribing to you and participating ! 😊💕 Thank you for the opportunity !
    My insta : @oriana_bs
    I’m doing a giveaway too in my blog if you’re interested ! (Marzia’s Floral Box)

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