Why everybody should own a paper planner

In the tech-inundated age of the 2010’s, you would have to be either living under a literal rock or actually Amish to not interact with the daily conveniences of a smart phone. Useful for a plethora of activities, smartphones can do everything from tweeting, insta-ing, pinning and facebooking to informing whether or not you’ll need an umbrella at 4pm tomorrow afternoon.

They are sheer convenience, pocket sized, and are especially useful for pencilling in appointments, dinner dates and important reminders at specific times of which you are reminded by with a cheerful ping (or quack, chyme, fanfare or horn) that alerts you to the notification. Apps such as Cal and Sunrise offer such convenience and, as well as being free, are simple to configure and available over both iOS and Android devices.

Yet I personally, am still very much a fan of the humble physical planner. Everybody is unique, with all of us living and thinking quite differently from each other. Paper planners enable a world of opportunities to create a system that is moulded entirely to your own life, and works entirely for you. Planner applications are often rigid in their configuration and allow little room for individuality.


Further, an actual pen to paper scribble takes much, much less time than creating a reminder on an application. Pencilling in ‘hair appt @ 1pm’ is far less time consuming than going through the process of filling out the many fields needed to create the reminder. With a planner, you have the freedom to write down the details you only absolutely need to know – because who needs a location when you have your doctor appointment at the same clinic every time?


Whilst there are definitive advantages of applications, such as syncing calendars and reminders with others such as family members and friends, I find that, at the end of the day, planner apps only add to the endless onslaught of noise alerts, screen flashes and sound vibrations that strain my eyes, cause headaches and distract me from my day to day life. Planner diaries don’t do that, and my personal one from Kikki K is sooo prettyyyy – with its pink leather bounding, gold hardware, and customisable tabs. Even the paper itself is customisable and removable, so I can update my diary year after year without ever having to buy a brand new one. I consider that a lasting investment.


I’d love to hear your take on the paper vs electronic debate! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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